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Keystone Trauma and Emergency Management Symposium 2018

The theme this year is “Trauma : The New Frontier”, which is the hot national topic as the issue is that 60% of all trauma deaths occur in the rural area that has 20% of the population. The American College of Surgeon has taken on this issue full force and has identified several areas that require attention. What we have been able to develop is a mix of some of the top surgeons from the region and nationally that are the decision makers and the driving force in addressing this problem (60% of deaths in 20% of population). These individuals are the developers of the current military system that has a 3% death rate, in other words they have built the almost perfect system. They include: Dr. Ken Mattox, who is considered the father of the modern trauma system. Drs. Warren and Gina Dorlac, who are medical directors in Colorado and still commanders in the military who developed the current trauma system in the Middle East. The brochure has a detailed agenda

3  May 23, 2018

 ,   Nemacolin Woodlands Resort 1001 Lafeyette Drive Farmington PA